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For Immediate Release:
MAD Productions Announces Auditions for “THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER” by Barbara Robinson Directed by Olin Meadows

Tuesday, October 23rd 2018 6:00-8:00 – CD Fulkes Middle School Drama Room
Wednesday, October 24th 2018 6:00-8:00 – CD Fulkes Middle School Drama Room

CD Fulkes Middle School
300 W Anderson Ave, Round Rock, TX 78664

Friday, October 26th 2018 6:00-8:00 – CD Fulkes Middle School Drama Room

PERFORMANCES: December 6- 15 Thursday – Saturday 7:30 pm

Crosswalk Church
8650 Co Rd 110, Round Rock, TX 78665

ALL AUDITIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY To reserve a spot in the auditions please contact director Olin Meadows at 512-815-8552 or email


It is imperative that you have read or are familiar with the BOOK by Barbara Robinson in preparation for this audition. The play is realistic but requires size and ability to deal with large personalities of the story.

Auditions will require the attached monologues to be memorized, call backs will be from cold readings from the script.

For Children’s roles please memorize the monologue labeled “Children Lead” or “Children Supporting.” And Prepare to sing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”

For Ladies please memorize the monologue labeled “Mrs. Armstrong”

For Men please memorize the monologue labeled “Reverend”

CD Fulkes Middle School
300 W Anderson Ave, Round Rock, TX 78664
(Drama Classroom – Follow the Signs Posted)

Character Breakdowns: ( PLEASE NOTE THE ROLE OF MOTHER has been Pre-Cast)

FATHER (Bob Bradley) – Solid Family Man 35-50

BETH BRADLEY – the narrator, strong voice and presence, 10-15
CHARLIE BRADLEY – traditional kid brother, 8-13
RALPH HERDMAN – ragged, scroungy, slouching manner, touch of adolescent cool/attitude, 12-16
IMOGENE HERDMAN – loud, bossy, sassy, ragged, scroungy, 11-15
LEROY HERDMAN – ragged, scroungy, tough, sure of himself, 10-13
CLAUDE HERDMAN – ragged, scroungy, tough, combative, 9-11
OLLIE HERDMAN – looking for trouble, Claude’s usual partner in crime, 8-10
GLADYS HERDMAN – small, wiry, fiesty, ragged, scroungy, MEAN 7-10
ALICE WENDLEKEN – prim, proper, pain in the neck, 10-11
MRS. ARMSTRONG – commanding woman, managerial in voice and manner, very classic church lady 50-70 ish
MRS. SLOCUM – pleasant, motherly woman, 35-60
MRS. CLARK – Very “Churchy” 35-60
MRS. CLAUSING –Very “Churchy” 35-60
MRS. MCCARTHY – a younger, less imperious version of Mrs. Armstrong, middle 30s-40s
MAXINE – wholesome girl who just wants to get along– l0-ll
ELMER HOPKINS – The Preacher’s Son – 12-13
HOBIE – Typical Kid 9-10
DAVID – Typical Kid 8-9
BEVERLY – Typical Kid 7-8
FIREMAN – 25-30
FIREMAN – 25-30
BABY ANGEL SHIRLEY – Typical Kid 5-6
ANGEL CHOIR DORIS – Typical Kid 9-10
REVEREND HOPKINS – middle to late 40s
ENSEMBLE – Angel choir members, baby angels, shepherds, ETC.


Audition Requirements: Auditions will be Monologues (provided) Call-Backs will be cold readings from the script. Experienced actors with strong acting abilities are needed; all actors are encouraged to audition. See character breakdown for specifics on available roles. NOTE: All ages listed are suggestions not set in stone.

Make sure to READ THE PLAY Or BOOK. Do not just watch the film.
Look over the specifics for the characters you would like to be considered for. Be prepared to answer questions about the story.

You must have any and all unavoidable conflicts listed on your audition sheet. Rehearsal Conflicts and absences after auditions will not be accepted. Please bring a headshot and resume (if you have them).

Performance Dates: December 6-15, 2018 Thursday – Saturday 7:30 pm

Rehearsal Schedule: Required meeting/Read Through Tuesday October 30th, 2018 6:30 – 8:30. Most rehearsals are flexible with schedule. ONCE CONFLICTS have been approved all other rehearsals are MANDATORY unless negotiated with the Director & Stage Manager IN ADVANCE. Please provide a complete list of conflicts at Auditions.

REHEARSAL DATES: (NOTE: Not all dates are MANDATORY for entire cast; Director only calls individuals that will be needed for each rehearsal)

Rehearsals will be TUESDAYS / THURSDAYS / FRIDAYS 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM and SATURDAYS 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Starting OCTOBER 30th.

Please be aware that the following rehearsals must be attended by ALL CAST MEMBERS!! If you cannot ensure this, you will not be cast for the show. Check calendars now, and make sure you have listed every conflict even if you don’t think it will happen.

Mandatory dates for all cast members:
Read Through Tuesday October 30th 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM.
TECH REHEARSAL DATES: December 3-4 6:30 – 9:30 (or until finished)
FINAL DRESS: December 5th 6:30 – Finished
Strike – December 15th After Show